Linux what's my deal?


Linux iconOK if you took the time to read my home page you know I am no a Linux expert.  I have been using Linux based operating systems as my only productivity based systems for about 3 years now. I have not gone to the deep end of the pool really with my distribution choices either.  For the first two years I ran Ubuntu and for about the last about 10 months I have been running Mint with a cinnamon interface.

This year I have begun to be a bit more serious about expanding my Linux skill set on the server side of the fence.  With cloud this and cloud that I’m not really not to sure how much of a career future someone who is primarily a Windows specialist has.  I’m sure Windows will be around for the foreseeable future in one form or another.  I’m an enterprise support guy and that is definitely a space with the exception of Active Directory and cloud based solutions like Outlook 365 where Microsoft is losing market share.